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Revolutionising Ethics Training

AI-empowered technology to address the ethical and integrity management needs of large corporations & SMEs

How it Works



The Challenge of Scale

In a world where ethical violations can cost billions and reputational damage is irreparable, traditional tick-box compliance exercises and manual ethics training fall short. The challenge? To educate and impact behaviour on a large scale without diluting the message.

IntegrityIQ & Learnovate team


Our AI-Driven Solution

IntegrityIQ offers an integrated, AI-driven platform focusing on key dimensions of organisational integrity management. Personalised training, ethical risk assessments, secure whistleblowing opportunities, and more — all at your fingertips.

Why Choose IntegrityIQ?

Personalised ethics and compliance training

Ethical risk and culture assessment

Immersive learning designed for behaviour change

Guided whistle blowing

Proprietary data base of ethical dilemmas

Heatmap with relevant integrity metrics

Benchmarking – internal and external

Secured data

About Us

IntegrityIQ & Learnovate team

IntegrityIQ is a pioneer in the realm of ethical business operations, driven by the conviction that ethical integrity is at the heart of sustainable success. We are a technology company at the intersection of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and corporate ethics, creating innovative solutions for businesses of all sizes, from SMEs to multinational corporations.


Trinity College developing AI platform to address ethics and compliance in firms

RTE Business

A team of researchers at Trinity College Dublin has secured €365,000 in funding to develop an AI-driven platform to address failings in ethics and compliance.

IntegrityIQ & Learnovate team

AI-driven integrity platform to address ethics and compliance issues in global corporations

Trinity College Dublin News & Events

A team of researchers at Trinity College Dublin has secured €365,000 in funding to develop an AI-driven platform to address failings in ethics and compliance that are causing large multinational…

Business Integrity and Ethical Challenges with Daniel Malan

Inside Learning Podcast

Daniel Malan is the director of the Trinity Corporate Governance Lab and an assistant professor in business ethics at Trinity Business School, Trinity College Dublin in Ireland. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is IntegrityIQ?


IntegrityIQ is an AI-driven platform designed to help large corporations and SMEs manage their ethical and integrity needs. Our platform facilitates the assessment and personalised training of employees, offering an innovative and immersive learning experience.

How does IntegrityIQ help businesses with integrity management?


IntegrityIQ provides a scalable solution that not only helps in regulatory and compliance training but also actively promotes a culture of integrity and ethical behaviour. We offer bespoke training programmes using our proprietary database of Ethical Dilemmas, and our platform is designed to adapt to individual learner profiles for effective behaviour change.

What makes IntegrityIQ different from other integrity management solutions?


Unlike many other solutions, IntegrityIQ offers a highly personalised experience, leverages Artificial Intelligence to reduce manual work, and provides extensive benchmarking across organisational units, companies, and industries. Our software provides a unique integration of assessment, behaviour change, compliance, and reporting to create a comprehensive integrity management solution.

What industries does IntegrityIQ serve?


IntegrityIQ is suited to any industry that recognises the need for ethical compliance and integrity in business operations. This includes, but is not limited to, Pharma, MedTech, Finance, Food and Ingredients manufacturing.

What size of companies can benefit from using IntegrityIQ?


Our solution is designed to scale effectively, making it suitable for both large corporations and SMEs. The platform is highly adaptable and can cater to organisations of various sizes.

How does IntegrityIQ ensure confidentiality and security?


Confidentiality and security are our utmost priorities. Each employee is issued with a unique digital identifier for data collection, and all responses, including potential misconduct disclosures, are 100% secure.

How does IntegrityIQ support whistle-blowing?


Our platform includes automated and guided whistle-blowing opportunities, allowing employees to make confidential and protected disclosures. Our system is designed to guide employees through the process, ensuring it’s personal and non-intimidating.

What is the Ethics Heatmap?


The Ethics Heatmap is a visual representation of the ethical and compliance risks and potential shifts in organisational culture. It’s generated using survey results, training results, and disclosures, offering a comprehensive view of your organisation’s ethical status.

How does IntegrityIQ align with international reporting standards?


Our solution generates a scorecard compatible with international standards in the field of integrated and sustainability reporting. We help you meet your ESG goals by providing insights that can be used for external reporting.

What are the cost benefits of using IntegrityIQ?


With IntegrityIQ, you can potentially save on costs related to HR, Ethics, and Integrity management. Our platform mitigates the expensive consequences of unethical behaviour by promoting a culture of integrity and ensuring compliance with regulatory requirements.

How do we get started with IntegrityIQ?


Please get in touch with us via our Contact Us page. We would be delighted to set up a demo and discuss how IntegrityIQ can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs.

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