Personalised Integrity Management: Our Innovative Solutions

Discover how IntegrityIQ revolutionises integrity management with its unique blend of AI-driven personalisation and secure data analytics.

Understanding Your Challenges

We recognise the critical importance of ethics and integrity in the workplace. From ethical risk assessment to compliance and behaviour change, IntegrityIQ tailors its solutions to fit the unique needs of your organisation.

Our Innovative Approach

Intelligent Personalisation, Tailored for Ethics

Our proprietary platform uses AI to offer an unparalleled level of personalisation at scale, creating bespoke ethics training programmes and providing automated, guided whistleblowing opportunities.

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Detailed Features

What Makes Us Stand Out

Ethics Heatmap

We extract and aggregate data from employees’ responses, creating a high-level Ethics Heatmap that alerts senior management to ethical and compliance risks and potential shifts in organisational culture.

Unique Digital Identifiers

Each employee is assigned a unique digital identifier ensuring absolute confidentiality.

Immersive Learning

Our online ethics training programme offers an immersive environment, presenting scenarios and dilemmas to each individual based on their unique profile. We provide customised feedback based on industry and regulatory requirements and specific company policies.

Integrated Solution

We offer a complete integrity management solution, combining risk and culture assessment, training, whistle-blowing, and disclosure components – a unique blend not currently available elsewhere.

How We Solve It

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Turning Challenges into Opportunities

We begin by issuing each employee with a unique digital identifier to guarantee confidentiality. Employees complete an ethical risk and culture survey, the data from which is used to personalise content for the training programme and to populate the Ethics Heatmap. As employees progress through their tailored training programme, they’re presented with opportunities to make confidential disclosures of misconduct. The culmination of this process is the Ethics Heatmap, a visual representation of risk trends and opportunities for development within your organisation.

Beyond Compliance

More Than Just Compliance

IntegrityIQ ensures full compliance with EU whistleblowing legislation (EU Directive 2019/1937). But we go beyond simple compliance, empowering your employees to act with integrity and providing you with comprehensive, international-standard reporting that benchmarks across organisational units, companies, and industries.

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